Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas just flew by.....

It is a crazy time of year.  I have been gone for the last week visiting my in-laws in Morecambe, England.  I had a great time but boy does time fly by.
I am getting everything ready for the new year.  My goals for 2011.  I am working on figuring out exactly what I want for this coming year.  Is it a figure competition, another photo shoot or build muscle and live the fitness lifestyle while helping others change their bodies?
What are you goals for the New Year?
I try not to say resolutions but goals.  I think we work harder towards our goals and in the meantime we reach what might have been a resolution. 
Now that the New Year is fast approaching I must get myself back into my workout mode.  The week off was nice but I am ready to hit hard in the gym. 
We have new Bowflex weights along with so much equipment at home that even if I can't get to the gym I have no excuse not to get a workout in. 
One of my goals is to be more regular on her and hopefully I can motivate you to keep working out.
Lets finish 2010 strong!!!!   I am here with you.

Monday, December 6, 2010

It will be Christmas before you know it!!!!

Are you back on track after Thanksgiving?

I know that I am working it hard for all week and trying to kick it up a couple of notches before Christmas.
This is a tough time of year for everyone.  This is when we must focus, focus and focus.
Lets do it together.  Lets not be a casualty of winter weight gain.  Lets be a lean, mean fighting machines.

I have not run more than 10 miles at a time since last April and because of all my hard work in the gym I was able to go and run a sub 2 hour half marathon in Dallas yesterday.  It was a great time with my girlfriends!
I was tired when I finished but it felt good to know that I could push myself.  Of course then I did have a wonderful cheat meal with my hubby when I got home.

Today I was back on track.
It was chest and tricep day.  Chest press, push ups, dips, v grip pushdown, skull crushers and some good abs thrown in.  I think I had enough cardio yesterday so today I skipped it.

What are you doing for your workouts?  Every week I know exactly what my workouts will be and prepare my food for the week so that I don't lose sight of my goals.  You must make a plan and stick to it like glue to get the results you want.

Lets have a great week and work it hard so that we can enjoy the holiday.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Still a bit under the weather.

Howdy everyone! My Texas twang coming out :) 

I have been under the weather for the last few days.  I am not sure if it is allergies or just a good ole fashioned cold.  But I have been still getting my workouts in. 
Saturday was a leg day and Sunday was an off day.

So I cleaned all the bathrooms and kitchen trying to get ready for Thanksgiving. We also celebrated my step-sons 16th birthday.
This time of year is so hard when it is a short week. So today I headed out to the gym for a chest, tri, ab and HIIT workout. I am still under the weather but insist on working out. It drives my dh nuts. He thinks I should rest. Lol – who has time for that
Today I got a great chest, tri, ab and HIIT workout in.  I decided to do hills on the treddy all the way up to 12% incline.  I was tired at the end.

This is a short week and need to focus on getting everything ready for Thanksgiving.  This year we are small in numbers.  My darling daughter and her husband will not be here.  Neither will my step-son or nephew.  They will be missed.
I am very thankful for my wonderful family and enjoy every minute I have with them.

My son and I will will run the 10K Turkey Trot and then come home and get cooking.

It is amazing how people quit working out at the holidays.  This is the time to stay focused!
We must encourage each other and commit to our plan.  Michelle Berger "Buffmother" has put together an awesome challenge to "Finish Strong in 2010".  Follow her on facebook, it will help you keep those extra pounds away. 

Off to run more errands today, then work tomorrow and finish cleaning the house on Wednesday and start cooking for Turkey day. Have a great week.

Love to all,


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Whirlwind weekend but loved every minute of it.

What a great weekend in San Francisco.

I had a blast I got to meet new friends and see of the others I had met before. It was a whirlwind but worth every minute. I left on Thursday morning early and arrived in San Francisco, I then took the BART to get to Pleasanton where I hooked up with Kathy and we got the shuttle to the hotel. I thought the driver might get in a fight with a lady that wanted him to let her in and he wouldn’t budge. Finally our driver decided to let her in and not have a wreck. We were happy!!! I got checked into the hotel and soon after went to the mall across the street to get my makeup done by the MAC counter. It turned out really nice. I then proceeded back to the hotel and started getting ready for my photo shoot. Poor Emily our photographer had been sick the night before but she was trooper. I loved doing this photo shoot and already excited about doing another. I can’t wait to get the pictures.

That night we went and had dinner and played Bocce ball. That was a lot of fun. My hubby said they play something similar like this in England. Friday morning we all went to the gym together and had some great tips from Michelle to help us activate our muscles better. That afternoon we went wine tasting and that was so much fun. I learned a lot about wine. We then went to PF Chang’s for dinner and a great night of dancing. I told my hubby we to go dancing more often. Saturday I went hiking with my Buffmothers and I have found a new love I think.  It was tough but fun.  That afternoon was the seminar and  we met some really nice ladies. That night was a nice dinner at Outback and we all got together and looked at all the pictures we had taken. Sunday, Julie and her hubby were so nice they took me to the Wente Vinyards and then to the airport. I was tired and actually slept on the plane – a first for me.

Monday I was at work bright and early at 10:00am – 6:00pm – No workout too tired.

So Tuesday I had to get up early and get a workout in that I got on an email from Oxygen.

DB lunges x10

DB squats x10

pushups x 10

Bentover db rows x10

Front presses standing - db x10

tricep dips x10

db bicep curls x10

jump squats x20

I repeated this 4 times in 30 minutes. Really was very effective.

We had a dance team from the local high school come in last night and I gave a quick overview of my story and had a lady approach me after the evening to talk more to him.

Today was my day off and took my mom out shopping and bought a pair of shoes and some boots.

I got a leg workout in after my shopping which was:

Walking lunges

smith squats

leg press

stiff legged deadlifts

lying leg curls

leg extensions

glute kickback on leg extension

calves on the leg press

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I am just buzzing around like a bee. Got my nails done, hair colored, pedi tomorrow. Of course I had to shop for a couple of outfits, throw in working out and then work on top of this and I am running around like a mad woman.
 I got to meet Tosca Reno and Robert Kennedy on Monday night. She was in town doing a book signing and of course I wanted to finally meet her.  Just talking with Tosca and listening to her is a great adrenaline rush.  I have admired Tosca Reno for years and it was such a pleasure to get to finally meet her. It really will pump you up to work that much harder and that is what I have been doing.  Of course knowing that I have a photo shoot around the corner will also help you stay focused.  Gotta look good :)So workouts have been top.

Tuesday was back, shoulders and bi's.
 Today was legs and this is my workout.

100 lunges to warm everything up

squats feet close
single leg press - foot low
hack squats
leg extensions
finished off with some body weight work in a circuit:

box jumps 15 reps

bw squats 20 reps
jump squats could only muster 10 reps
jump lunges 10 reps per leg

So I did these four exercises rested and repeated 3 times.

My legs are starting to feel it as I sit here typing. Love it!!!
I work Friday, Saturday and then long days of work Monday-Wednesday and leave at 7:30am on Thursday.

I am so stoked about going to meet up with everyone. I hope to get some rest along the way this week.

Have a great week.  I hope to be back before my trip to California.

If your in the SFO area you need to come see us on Saturday November 13th at the Marriott Pleasanton.  You will get to hear Michelle Berger aka "Buffmother" speak.  She is awesome and a great inspiration to many woman.

Take care,

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hi my name is Teresa and I love to eat!!!

That is my title because that is who I am. I love to eat and have a nice glass of wine at night. I love to eat when I am happy, sad, glad, mad and any other time. I am also a chip-o-holic. They are my biggest weakness to falling off my plan. That is why I had weight issues all my life. I vowed to not ever return to that 216 + lb woman that I was not once but two different times in my life. (the first time I was in 8th grade and weighed close to the 200lb mark).

This is the first time in my life that I have kept the weight off for over 4 years and I am thrilled. I am still embarking on my journey to fitness and can’t wait to see what next year might bring.

Talking to Michelle (Buffmother) today we are really going to evaluate my damage to my lower half while in California to see if it is possible to make my lower half catch up to my upper body. But no matter the decision I make, I look and feel better than I have ever felt before. That even includes when my hormones are messing with my attitude or mojo.

My goal right now is to look great for the photo shoot. I had to buy a couple of cute workout things to have my picture taken in and have been piling a bunch stuff together for other changes. I even have my makeup booked at the MAC counter in the mall by the hotel. This is going to be great and I hope we can do this every year, it is so wonderful to hang out with women who have the same goals and thoughts about fitness.

Even though I am buffing to drop a few extra pounds and flatten the tummy, I think just by my mood and energy level that I am finishing boosting, but I will push through.

I am doing supersets for the next 2 weeks.

Monday- chest, tri’s and 20 min HIIT on the bike.

Tuesday – back, shoulders, bi’s and intervals on the elliptical.

Wednesday – legs – had to workout late because I had a facial this morning and then talked to Michelle. I will from now on get up at 5am to workout just because I am so much more a morning person than afternoon. Today for legs I did plie squats and the trainer suggested I stand each foot on a aerobic bench so that I could get a good deep squat. That was tough but very effective.

Monday/Tuesday eats were right on target. Today I have been a bit scattered so I just finished cooking some quinoa and spaghetti squash. Thawed out the chicken, steak and extra lean turkey meat to have my dh cook for me.

Tomorrow is an off day from weights. Hoping to get in my HIIT after fit camp and before work.
I am off to watch the Rangers and Giants. Should be a great game.

Have a great hump day.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Great week so far!!!!

Finally some time off. I have been working out and heading straight to work for the past two days and now I finally get a bit of a break.

CD 28 Weight 147.4 Yikes. I am so ready to hit buffing hard next week. And follow it with the photo shoot diet until California.

I did go to the doctor today and I have tendonitis on the top of my left foot. So no running or calf raises and he prescribed a gel called Voltarin to use 3 x a day to relieve my foot. At least no cracks or fractures.

So this week I have been doing 3 groups of 4 exercise trying to kill it.

An example of one of my sets is:  I did these 4x each then moved on to my next group.
Low incline db press
Lying tricep ext on floor
Weighted stab ball crunches
Lateral reaching lunges with db

I was a sweaty and tired mess when I got done. I love to really push it in the gym. Makes me feel like I did accomplish a lot for the hour I am in the gym.
Eats are great so I must be retaining some water. Hands feel swollen today.

So I am meeting a girlfriend for dinner tonight and then tomorrow my dh and I are going to go see Maroon 5 in Dallas with several people from work. Off to get some chores done around the house today. Have an awesome day.  I am getting excited about my photo shoot in California mid November.  I keep thinking of things to take for the shoot.  Have an awesome day.



Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Changed up my workouts a little!!!

I decided it was time to change things a little.  So this week my workouts are:
Monday - shoulders, arms
Tuesday - legs, abs
Wednesday - back
Thursday - off - have my Fit camp and work all day
Friday - legs
Saturday - run with my girlfriends and chest, arms

I need to get another cardio - hill intervals in this week as well.  Eating has been great.  For breakfast I am making a pumpkin pancake and really loving it.  So delicious and just in time for Thanksgiving. 

Trying to really push these workouts so I will look great for my photo shoot in November.  I am excited to do this and can't wait to share some pictures from it.

This week is crazy.  My hubby tore up his knee on Sunday playing soccer so not only have I been working but also running around helping him get things, doctor appointments, etc.  We are waiting to have an MRI scheduled to see what the real damage is.  Say prayers it is nothing major. 

Off to get some errands done.  Have a great Wednesday.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Time really flies by......

I can't believe how it has already been a week and I have not blogged.
My oh my how time really does fly.

I have been great with all my workouts.  I am thinking I need to change them up just a bit.  I do like change every few weeks.  It keeps it exciting and helps me stay focused.

I have decided these past couple of days that I have lost some of my fun-ness :)
I work hard at working out but really have not been playing.  Just work and working out.  So my goal this weekend is to take time to play.

I am 50 years old and life is just to short to not "stop and smell the roses!".  So that is my goal for the weekend.  To enjoy my husband and hang out with him doing the things we like to do.

So don't forget along your journey to keep your "fun-ness".  To enjoy life and all that it has to offer you.

Have a great week.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Massage Monday!

That is what I did today and boy did I need it. He really worked out the kinks in my shoulders and back. I feel much better.

My upper body workout today was hard because of my shoulder causing me to not be able to grip heavy weight. But I did push through it and got it done.

I did make it through the working weekend. It ended yesterday with going out to dinner with my son and my husband for my hubby’s birthday. I was so proud of myself ordering a salad with chicken, no dressing, no chips and a diet coke :) Needed something besides water to drink.

I should be in a buffing mode now but today was I very lacking in the energy department. I hope it is only for today since tomorrow is leg day and I need all the energy I can get.

It finally hit me today that my baby girl now lives 8 hours by plane away from me. I talked to her today and she sounded so great. I just wish now I could hop in my car and go say “hi”. I know she is doing great and starting her newly married life and loving every minute of it.

Tomorrow I get to go workout the ladies in my Forever Fit camp and I love seeing them change and gain strength in their workouts. It makes me feel good to see how much effort they put in. They are all awesome.

Maybe I will check into yoga for Tuesday!

Have a great night.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wednesday and Thursday fun.

So finally weighed after Maui and my weight was right where I thought it would be. (145.8) Seems to be my bodies favorite weight.  I am feeling a bit bloated today so hopefully this is some water weight as well.
Back at the workouts as you can see on Monday and Tuesday.  Giving it everything I have each workout.
I did hill intervals yesterday up to a 10% incline.  That was tough and I was really pushing it.  Love it though when I am done.  A seriously sweaty mess :)

Today was upper body:
push press 55x8x2, 60x8x1, 65x8x1

lat pulldowns close grip 100x9x1, 105x6x3

incline db press 25 x10x3 - can't get up to 30#'s yet - hurts my left shoulder

inverted rows 10x1, 9x1, 7x1
seated cable pullovers 30x12x1, 30x9x2
1 arm db rows 40x8x1, 35x8x1, 30x8x1

I was getting very tired. Finished off my workout with:

straight bar bicep curl on cable machine 35x10x2

tricep dips feet on bench 15x1, 9x1 tried using the ball but I will need to practice this one :)

So today I find myself in a bit of a funky mood. Probably because I dread this weekend. I work Friday 12-7. Saturday 9-6 and Sunday (my dh's birthday) 12-3:30pm - begged to get off early to spend time with my dh.  My hormones tend fluctuate a bit during menopause and hope someday they will just level out.  Don't like being a funk.  Makes it hard to stay on track but I am doing 100%.  Too many things to be fit for :)

I don't enjoy weekend work. :(  But I do like the people I work with, which helps.

Tomorrow will be legs and Saturday hill intervals again.
 I hope you have a fantastic weekend.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Monday and Tuesday workouts

I think I may finally be a little more rested. After getting home on Thursday, working 9 hours on Friday, Saturday party for my daughter and my son’s TCU senior ring ceremony on Sunday. Found out my son has strep throat after hugging on him all day :)  Us moms are made of steel.

I spent all day today running around getting my teeth cleaned and mailing a bunch of flat rate boxes off to my daughter. It is the cheapest way to send anything to Hawaii.

I wanted to workout early but it was not in the cards so I did finally got it done around 5pm tonight. I am never as strong in the afternoon as in the morning :)

Monday's workout:

Lying chest press 30x8x4

Chest press 27.5x10x1, 23.2x11x2

Then I did a triset :

Overhead db flyes 10x15x3, weighted arm circles front and back 8x15x3, face pulls 50x11x3

Lat pulldowns 75x9x3

Straight arm pulldowns 35x8x1, 32.5x9x2

Bicep curls 37.5x10x2

Tricep rope pulldown 37.5x9x2

Eats have been good so far and it feels so much better to get back to clean eating. I am a very emotional eater and this past few days have taken their toll on me. So back at it and ready to buff, buff and buff.

Tuesdays workout:
Split leg squat 30x8x1, 40x10x1, 45x7x2
Romanian deadlift 135 x10x4
Bridge on ball 12x3
Hamstring curl on ball 12x3
Foot on front of ball bridge 12x3
Reverse lunges 35x12x1, 30x15x2
Seated calf raise on leg press 210x15x1 - toes straight, 225x10x1 toes in, 225x12x1 toes out
Decline situps with weight  15x15x2
Ab machine 85x20x2

Had a great day with a girlfriend at the Dallas Arboretum today.  Very pretty with all the flowers and pumpkins.

My goals for the next 8 months:

California in November gotta get buff

England at Christmas

Hopefully a competition this spring

And the best we already booked our villa for St. John, US Virgin Islands for the end of May.

Lots of things to keep me focused.

Have a great night everyone,



Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sad but happy all at the same time.

Today I took my daughter to the airport for her move to Hawaii and won't see her until Dec 27th.  That will be the longest I have ever gone without seeing her.  So my tears were flowing and have been on and off so far this morning.
This afternoon I spend the day with my son as he receives his senior ring from the Chancellor at TCU. "Go Frogs!"
So many happy good times ahead for my kids.  My step-son is getting his drivers license in Nov so stay off the roads in Tyler, TX :) lol
Monday is 8 weeks from our Buffmother Gathering in California and I am so excited to see old friends and meet those who I have only known through our Rally Room.  Michelle Berger aka Buffmother is holding this fantastic weekend for all us to get to workout and play together.
I will post my eats and workouts as I have 8 weeks to my "buffness".  My goals are Christmas in England, hopefully a competition in the Spring and St. John - US Virgin Islands at the end of May.  Followed by Hawaii in July to see my baby girl.  Along with a couple of side trips with darling hubby to San Antonio to hang out and rejuvenate ourselves next summer.
So even though tears have dropped I also have great things in my future.  I am on a journey to help you become the best you can be.  Through my blogs I have tried to show that I am human as well and may detour for a bit but then its back to business.  This is my journey and it will always be a work in progress, join me and lets make a difference - you never know who you may be inspiring.
Have a fantastic Sunday.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Great trip to Maui!!!

My hubby and I are already set to go back :)
We love hanging out on the beaches of Maui and just relaxing.
So now I am back at the workouts again.  We just got home today around 7am and so I spent most of the day napping, unpacking and grocery shopping.
I am ready to get my eats back under control.
 We did manage to do a 2 mile run followed by a 2 mile walk, 20 jump squats x3, 20 walking lunges x3, 20 pushups x3, and 20 tricep dips x3 for 4 of the 6 days.
I felt better for doing some type of workout most of the days.
It is amazing how much different you feel when you are not completely on track.  We have decided that next year we are really going to focus on eating even better than this year.  I did eat some wonderful fish called Poke, grilled out shish kebabs several nights and had some other wonderful foods while away.  Not a complete pig out.  I don't really want to see the scale tomorrow :(  I am sure we might see a bit of an increase.  I have also worked hard on drinking my water today.  Flying always makes me so dehydrated.
My daughter is moving on Sunday morning to Oahu so this day will be a tough one for me.  On the other end my son receives his senior ring from the Chancellor of TCU also on Sunday.  So lots going on.  Well I am off to talk to my Buffmother friends and then hit the bed for some much needed rest.
I hope you have been enjoying the start of September.
See you soon,

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Time flyes so quickly.

How is your holiday weekend going?

I had the pleasure of having all my kids over at the house today. I am enjoying every minute of the time with them. Today we went to the waterpark for a bit and then hung out together.

Workouts and eats have been great. I will leave on Wednesday for Maui, so really have been pushing the workouts and perfect eats.

Have you set any mini goals for yourself to keep you focused?

My hubby and I already have scheduled time each day to workout while on vacation. It is fun to have some of the same goals.

My next goal is November for my Buffmother gathering near San Francisco. I can't wait to hang out with all my fitness friends. It will be a great trip and who can't help but love San Francisco.

I am taking measurements on Tuesday to see if any changes in the last couple of weeks of intense working out and clean eating. I will post results soon.

Have a safe and Happy Labor Day weekend.


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What a great week beginning!!!!

How is your week so far.
Yesterday was my upper body workout followed by working all day.
Today I did legs. My daughter came over and we did a bit of shopping and then home to color my hair.
Only 1 week til Maui. I am so excited and can hardly wait. What are you doing Labor Day?
I am sure I will be working. Retail is pretty busy that weekend.
My workouts are going awesome and my food is perfect. Trying hard to drop a few pounds before vacation.
My hubby is so funny. He already has our workouts and what we will eat while away. I am lucky to have such a great husband.
We will have kitchenette in Maui and that really helps to keep my eating under control.
What do you do on vacations? Do you workout? Do you give yourself license to eat everything or are you able to find that balance between having fun and not completely losing your head :)
I hope your week is as great as mine.
The rest of the POA is:
Wed - Hill training
Thur- Upper body
Fri - Leg day
Sat - Hill training
Sun - off
I had a lady at the gym ask me how I know what to do when I come in to workout. I explained that I always come in with a plan. I don't ever just wing it. Planning keeps me focused and on track. Do you plan your workouts before getting to the gym?
What is the saying "If you fail to plan, than you plan to fail".
Keep your journals handy so you can always have a workout ready.
Have a great week.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Fantastic Friday!!!!

How are you on this beautiful Friday?

This week has been great.
Wed - chest and tri's
Thur - shoulders
Fri - legs
Sat - some Hill cardio
Sun - off

This is my week already planned out. I am feeling might fine this week. Hormones seem to be getting in check and I am counting down the days til Maui. Needless to say my eating is super clean and workouts on target. Got to be looking like a hottie on the beach :)

Have you been keeping your thoughts and actions positive. I know I have and it really has helped me be happier.

I stayed home on Wednesday all day and just did things around the house and boy was that an amazing feeling. I tend to be on the go all the time and this was really a nice change for me.

What are your goals for the upcoming week. Only a week til another holiday is upon us. Labor Day Sept 6th. What are you doing? Cooking out, last time out on the boat or just relaxing and chilling at home. I will be helping my daughter have a garage sale and then begin packing for my holiday.

Lets work hard this coming week. Set your plan of action and prepare enough food this weekend to last all week. It will be so much easier and you will feel less likely to cheat.

Remember BLT's count (bites, licks and tastes)!!!

Have a great weekend.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

School is back in session.

I don't have kids in school but my life was so busy this summer I felt like I did.
So I came across this the other day "Live your life with no regrets". I love it. I will be saying this everyday. Are you living your life this way.
To many times people focus on the negative or what we don't have in our lives. This can cause you to miss so many wonderful things that are in your life.
So today I say focus on the positive. Stay away from the negative and "Live your life with no regrets".

This week workouts look like this:

Monday - legs
Smith machine lunges- box jumps in between each set
Seated hamstring curls - 100 rep jump rope in between each set
Wide stance squats
Straight leg deadlifts on the Freemotion machine
Single leg press foot high on the platform
I followed this with 20 min on the elliptical

Tuesday - today back and bi's
Lat pulldowns, underhand, close and wide grips
Close grip row
DB pullover
Rear delt machine
EZ bar curls
Concentration curls
Hammer curls seated
Rope crunches
Crunches on the ball with 10#plate behind my head
Med ball twists with 10#
Then after some running errands with my daughter. I came home and did 20 min on the stair stepper.
Great start to the week. Enjoying a bit cooler temps in Texas. It will finally get below the 100's.

This week lets live our lives with greatness. Focus on all the great things in your life.
Rock it at the gym this week. I am watching :)


Friday, August 20, 2010

Time flys when your having fun :)

I can't believe its been a week. I am ready for the fall and hopefully things will settle down some.
I have been hitting my workouts hard this week. My muscles have been yelling at me :)
Mon - legs, hamstring and glute concentration
Tues - back and biceps
Wed - chest, triceps
Thur - shoulders
Today - legs - quad concentration
I have also included HIIT on 3 days so far this week.

I don't have kids at home on a regular basis anymore but you would thing I did by all the none free time. I had an awesome conference call with my Buffmother Competition team mates. I always love talking with them and hearing Michelle's awesome wisdom.

Today begins tax-free weekend and I have to work 2 of the 3 days...ugh The day will go by super duper fast I am sure.

Are you ready for fall!!! Let's get into shape together before the holidays arrive. Let's keep eating clean and working out so when we do get to all the holidays and parties we are ready and know we can handle it. We will get buff and ripped together.

Have a great weekend. I hope to be back on Monday with a new plan of action. Don't forget to write you POA this weekend.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Crazy busy!

Gotta love the summer and how busy you stay. This past Thursday at 5am my new married daughter came home from Hawaii and I was the taxi. It was great to seeing my baby. Needless to say I was pretty tired all day so only did some intervals on the treadmill.
Friday was an awesome workout. I did what is called a block set.
1st set - smith squats - 30 sec

2nd set - smith squats - 30 sec
walking lunges - 30 sec

3rd set - smith squats - 30 sec
walking lunges - 30 sec
plie squats - 30 sec

4 th set - smith lunges - 30 sec
walking lunges - 30 sec
plie squats - 30 sec
mountain climbers - 30 sec

Followed by doing the 4th set two more times but at 1 minute each exercise. I then did another block set with leg extensions, leg curls, glute machine and jump squats. It was a great workout.

Yesterday was my baby boys 21st birthday. I also went and watched the finals at the Europa. Awesome athletes were on stage. Then we were off to Chuy's for some great mexican food. Today I had to work at the running store. Not much working out this weekend.
Tomorrow my week will begin with a great leg workout.

Are you staying cool this August? Texas is mighty hot. I hope you are having a great end to your summer vacation.

Have a great Sunday night.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Terrific Tuesday.

Slowly my family is all coming home....Yeah

So how has your week started? Are you doing your workouts? I am. Here is how the week is going.

Monday- squats, calf raises, bulgarians, walking lunges, knee ext, leg curls, dead lifts, lying side lunges and 20 min steady state cardio.

Tuesday - Interval test for 20 min, pull-ups, upright rows, seated rows, db bicep curls, lat pull downs, 1 arm lateral rows, standing db military press, crunches, ez bar bicep curl and knee ups.

All my exercises I did supersets to keep my heart rate up and really push the weight.

Today is the 2nd day of 30 days to Buff. This is a ladies only contest on www.buffmother.com
So all you ladies join in. We have a great group and would love to have you.

Keep pushing those workouts. Keep moving!!!! No better way to start your day then a good hard workout.

Have a Terrific Tuesday.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

New week ahead

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend.
So I am ready to rock it hard this week and "bring it".

My plan of action this week:
Mon - legs with 20 min steady state cardio, abs
Tue - Back, shoulders, bi's and HIIT
Wed - Chest, tri's and HIIT
Thur - Legs, abs
Fri - Back, shoulders and bi's, HIIT
Sat - some active rest/intervals and abs

I have been doing my VO2 test on my IPhone called the Bleep test and love it. It really works you hard and helps increase your VO2. We are aiming for 5 proteins/2-3carbs/3 fats and greens each day along with my 200 oz of water.

Have a relaxing Sunday night. Set out your plan of action tonight and get ready to rock it with me. I will help hold you accountable.


Friday, August 6, 2010

How is your summer???

Hot, Hot and more Hot here in Texas. I love the heat if I am laying on the beach.
Just got home from a couple of days in Austin visiting a friend. My whole family is gone and I am home babysitting our dogs. :)

Are you able to stay on track with your eats? Remember so much of transforming your body is your nutrition (approx 80%). So keep that in mind. Remember "nothing tastes as good as being fit feels."

I am ready to get back to my workouts that I love so much and good clean eating.
While I was away my eating was okay - could always be a bit better. My girlfriend is on Weight Watchers so I was able to eat a little cleaner until she wanted to have some cheats.
Since my family is all scattered over the world right now I will be concentrating on my workouts and getting meals prepared for next week.

I just wanted to drop in and say "hello". I will be back in on Sunday to set up a plan of action for the upcoming week.
Have a great weekend. Stay healthy, positive and laugh often.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Busy week ahead.

How are you?? Busy? Summer is almost over. Focus, Focus and Focus!
This is the key to any successful transformation.
A new month a new goal. Have you set your goal for August?
Mine is to eat clean and workout 5 days a week. Weights and 3 days cardio.

I have a busy week ahead. My son graduates from Officer training tomorrow and I will be watching this live from my computer. He will get home Tuesday evening.

Wednesday my husband and step son leave for England and my daugther heads to Hawaii. When my daughter returns she will be a married woman.

I am going to visit a friend for a couple of days and will be listening to my daughter take her wedding vows on Thursday evening. Very emotional week and I will have to work hard to keep my focus. This is a good test for me this week.
I am determined to look fabulous for Hawaii in September and then carry on to hopefully get show ready.

I hope you had a "cool" weekend. August in Texas = HOT HOT HOT

I got my "Buffmother" visors ordered and can't wait to get them. :)

Have a great week. Will check in on everyone later this week.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Busy week.

My mom came home from the hospital today and I have talked to my son everyday since Monday. He has been at LDAC for Army Cadets and we had not talked since July 7th. And I visited with my daughter. Life is good!
Tues - legs
Wed - biceps and triceps
Thur -back and shoulders
Fri - front delts and chest
Sat - legs

This is my POA for this week and so far I am on target. I have really tried to up the weights to keep building beautiful muscle. Next week I will be "buffing" and really working on the weight loss with my lifting.
I hope you are all feeling energetic and getting those workouts in. :) Summer has really flown by this year. Be sure to remember to eat clean and work hard. You will be glad you did.
Have a great rest of the week.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Mom's surgery went well.

My mom did awesome on her shoulder replacement surgery and is resting comfortably at the hospital.
No workout today but will be doing legs tomorrow.

Did you do your workout today?
I find that sometimes in the summer it is easy just to skip your workout but you must always make time for yourself. It is so important to stay fit and healthy so that you don't have health troubles. It was amazing at the hospital all the unfit people and of course they were there for surgery on various joints. I don't want this to happen unnecessarily. So I am committed on getting my workouts in - 5 days a week lifting and 3 days a week cardio.

Great workouts this past week complete and finished on Sunday with my husband doing a new 6 weeks to 100 push ups app and a Bleep test app - this helps increase your VO2 max.
I will be back in a day or two to post workouts and how my eats are going.

My first goal is to look lean and cut for Maui in September.
Gotta rock the workouts and clean up the diet.

Have a great Monday.


Friday, July 23, 2010

Great week!!!!

So after a much needed rest, I have hit the gym hot and heavy. This week I did:
Tuesday - legs with HIIT - leg press single leg, lunges, knee ext, curls, mountain climbers
Wednesday - back, shoulders and biceps - lat pulldowns, rows, military presses, lateral raises, bicep curls, hammer curls and pull ups
Thursday - chest and triceps with HIIT - chest press, cable overhead tricep ext, dips, tricep pushdowns, pushups, etc.
Friday - legs-lunges, knee ext, squats, bulgarians, plie squats, lying curls just to name a few
Saturday - will be another HIIT session

Even though I don't have children at home now it seems I am always busy, busy, busy. It is great to have my workouts to keep me focused on my goals.

I did get to spend all day yesterday with my daughter shopping in celebration of her 24th birthday. I also have just 10 more days until my son is home from LDAC. I am so ready to hear his sweet voice.

I have a friend opening a small gym and he has asked me to come work for him. I think this would be an awesome opportunity so I will keep you posted on my possible new training job.

Next week is already a busy week. My mother is having shoulder replacement surgery and it is my last week of FIT camp coaching for a couple of weeks, along with dental appointments and work. Really looking forward to my workouts. I will try and post them each day.
Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happy Wednesday.

Back from a lovely long weekend in San Antonio with my hubby. It is just what the doctor ordered. Did do a full body workout and a cardio workout while I was away.

Monday we drove home and celebrated our 13th Anniversary. Now back on plan until Maui in September. My plan of action this week is:

Tuesday was a leg workout followed with some stepmill action.
Today is back, shoulders and bi's.
Thur is chest and triceps
Fri is leg day

I hope your having a great summer. Just remember if you fall of the wagon a bit just pick yourself up and dust yourself off and get right back.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Leg day today!

I love leg days. I am always starving after working legs. I am heading out to San Antonio in the early morning to hang out with my wonderful husband for 4 days to celebrate our 13th anniversary.
I do plan on getting a workout in on Saturday - chest and tri's are on the plan.

I got my first letter from my son who is away at LDAC - Army Leadership Developement Assessment Course. He is doing great. Passed all the tests and ready to come home. He still has almost 3 weeks left.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I will be back with workouts to post on Tuesday. Ready to rock the weights.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wow! Such a busy week.

This week has been super busy. Having a hard time even finding a bit of time just to relax.
Monday I did legs. I used the workout from a fellow Buffmother named Julie. It was really a great workout. I had not really done Bulgarian split lunges before. They were very tough but great. I also had PB on the leg press 300#. I think I will be able to do more on Thursday.
I followed all this with 15 min on the Stepmill with leg kickbacks.
Today I did shoulders, back and biceps and followed it with 20 min on the elliptical.

I am so anxious for Friday. My wonderful husband and I will be heading to San Antonio for a long weekend.

I still have not gotten a letter from son who is at the Army Leadership training for the entire month. Hopefully one will come soon.

My eats have been super clean and I really have found my focus again. I wondered off just for a short period and back at it full swing.

I hope you have a productive, energetic and exciting week.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

World Cup Sunday!!

Today is the World Cup Final and I will be taking my hubby to the pub to watch the game.

I have found a new app on my Iphone compliments of my husband called The Bleep test. It is quite fun. It is a VO2 max test. You do levels of shuttle runs and it is addicting. I have done it the past two days trying to improve my level each time.

I have realized that my focus can be a bit off unless I have a goal in front of me, so when I decided to delay a competition until next spring my focus lost its way. Now I have set some mini goals to help me stay on track. I can be very dedicated but can also lose my way. I am blessed to have a group of ladies in the Buffmother Rally Room to help me along my journey.

No workout today just my shuttle run test. Tomorrow I will hit legs hard and heavy with some ab work.

My plan this week is:
Tue -Shoulder, back, bi's

Wed- Intervals
Thurs-Chest, tri's

We are off to San Antonio next weekend for a mini vacation for three days. Have a great Sunday.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

50 and fabulous!!!

Had a fantastic birthday celebrations and now ready to get back on plan.
Sent my son off to Leadership training for the Army on my birthday. He will be gone for 29 days and no phone contact. I will be writing him lots of letters so he can at least have some mail during mail call each day.

Off to workout with my daughter this morning. I will post later what we did for a workout. I am thinking about some upper/lower body block style workout. Today we did upper and lower body circuit. I wanted to give my daughter a workout she could do on her own. Tomorrow will be shoulders and back workout followed by 20 min HIIT cardio.

I have a new found energy to work towards my goal of a figure competiton in the spring 2011. I will be posting all the ups and downs during this journey. I love the feeling of being fit at 50.
I am reaching for the moon!!! Have a great day.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Fun Leg day today.

Today I tried a different approach to my leg workout.
I did block training. It looks like this:
Squats - smith machine - 30 sec
Squats - 30 sec
Walking lunges 30 sec
Squats - 30 sec
Walking lunges 30 sec
DB deadlifts - 30 sec
Squats - 30 sec
Walking lunges - 30 sec
DB deadlifts - 30 sec
Mountain Climbers - 30 sec

I then repeat the last 4 exercises two more times but for a minute each. I then followed this with:
Leg ext
Leg Curl
Glute machine
Jump squats
I did these exercises the same way. I was toast when I was done. It is amazing how heavy a light weight becomes when training this way. I just needed to mix it up a bit.
This week at work they threw me an early birthday party. They made a shirt that said "Do these guns look fifty?", they put a sign outside in front of the store that said "Honk, Teresa is 50" and gave me a 1 hour massage gift certificate. It was really a nice suprise.
Tomorrow I will get a workout in and then off to get a pedicure with my daughter. Sunday having the family over for a cookout and celebration. I must say 50 is just a number because I feel 30. I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend with your family and friends.
Be safe.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Almost "50"

So I am on my way to the wonderful age of 50. The best part is that I feel 30. I am loving life and so glad that I have taken charge of my body, health and mind.
My goal is to guide anyone that wants help to a healthier new person.
I am committing to blogging each week about my workouts and life in general.
I hope you follow with me in my pursuit of great things to come.
Have a great week.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June 2nd and summer is here!

Are you ready for summer?
I am. This is my favorite time of the year. I love the warmth of the sun and being outside whenever possible. The only thing I would love more would to be at the beach everyday.
I am still continuing my journey for the best shape of my life by my 50th birthday which is a little over a month away and hopefully a figure competition in August.
Have a great workout planned for today and then some much needed tasks to do around the house.
What are you doing today? Are you getting "physical"? Take care of your body it is the only one you have. So everday in June do something to make you a fit person. Take the dog for a walk, wash the car, yardwork, workout, etc. Do something to build a stronger "You".

Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!
Summer is here in Texas.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Awesome week.

How have your workouts been? Did you give your workout all your blood, sweat and tears?
I know that I did and they were awesome. During a conference call with all the Buffmother competitors, Michelle made a comment about pushing yourself harder and harder during certain times of the month when you are extra strong.
For women this is the boosting phase.
So this week I increased my weights and even my intensity of my workout. I focused on the muscle/mind connection. Do you connect with your muscles or just go through the motions. Each time focus on what muscle is working and you will see great results.
Have a great week.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Relaxing Wednesday

Today was a nice relaxing day. Started off getting to sleep in and then headed to the gym to do my lats and intervals. Worked my back hard.
I was tired after my workout. So today was just a day to relax and recharge my body. It felt great. I even took a bit of nap something I never get to do.
Tomorrow is super busy. Up at 4am for my ladies at my Fit Camp, straight to the gym for chest and then to work all day long.
Hope you had a great hump day.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This week so far.

So I thought I would share my journey towards my first figure competition.
Monday was my shoulder, bicep, tricep and interval day. I had a great workout. My left shoulder was a bit twingy but I lowered the weight slightly and pushed through. It is fun to have muscles and have people question me all the time about how I have done it. My joy in life is to help others become fit and love helping them.
Even though I have been a long distance runner I am enjoying just doing 20 min HIIT intervals on the treadmill. It is over so quick!
Today was leg day. These legs of mine are pretty tough to get sore. I kill them everytime I do legs. I do get extra hungry on leg days and know my metabolism must really be firing.
Eating clean and drinking lots of water everyday to help me get this body in shape.
Stay strong.

A little bit about me.

Welcome to my blog. I am a 49 (will be 50 in July) year old mom of 3. I have been overweight on and off all my life. My first memory of my weight was when my grandmother took me to get a swimsuit and suggested I get a chubby size. I then lost weight many times only to put it back on. Then one day while surfing the internet I came across Buffmother.com. I was so intrigued by Michelle and what she had to say about hormonal timing. I contacted her and asked her to help me design a program to lose weight. At that time I was hitting around 216 on the scale give or take a few. I wouldn't weigh at that point. So my wonderful journey had begun in 2006 at age 46 and I have never looked back. I am in the best shape of my life right now.
The funny part was everyone told me I couldn't lose the weight at my age, and I set out to prove them wrong. I am loving being fit and strong. I have completed 3 marathons including qualifying and running Boston. Now I am in the process of doing my first figure competition right after my 50th birthday. So my journey and new adventure begins. I owe my new life and body to Michelle Berger and Buffmother.com. It truly gave me back my happiness.

Monday, May 17, 2010

HI!! I'm Teresa!!

HI!! I'm Teresa!!

I am BUFF!!
I am almost 50!!
...and I'm not finished yet!!