Friday, July 23, 2010

Great week!!!!

So after a much needed rest, I have hit the gym hot and heavy. This week I did:
Tuesday - legs with HIIT - leg press single leg, lunges, knee ext, curls, mountain climbers
Wednesday - back, shoulders and biceps - lat pulldowns, rows, military presses, lateral raises, bicep curls, hammer curls and pull ups
Thursday - chest and triceps with HIIT - chest press, cable overhead tricep ext, dips, tricep pushdowns, pushups, etc.
Friday - legs-lunges, knee ext, squats, bulgarians, plie squats, lying curls just to name a few
Saturday - will be another HIIT session

Even though I don't have children at home now it seems I am always busy, busy, busy. It is great to have my workouts to keep me focused on my goals.

I did get to spend all day yesterday with my daughter shopping in celebration of her 24th birthday. I also have just 10 more days until my son is home from LDAC. I am so ready to hear his sweet voice.

I have a friend opening a small gym and he has asked me to come work for him. I think this would be an awesome opportunity so I will keep you posted on my possible new training job.

Next week is already a busy week. My mother is having shoulder replacement surgery and it is my last week of FIT camp coaching for a couple of weeks, along with dental appointments and work. Really looking forward to my workouts. I will try and post them each day.
Have a great weekend.

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