Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I am just buzzing around like a bee. Got my nails done, hair colored, pedi tomorrow. Of course I had to shop for a couple of outfits, throw in working out and then work on top of this and I am running around like a mad woman.
 I got to meet Tosca Reno and Robert Kennedy on Monday night. She was in town doing a book signing and of course I wanted to finally meet her.  Just talking with Tosca and listening to her is a great adrenaline rush.  I have admired Tosca Reno for years and it was such a pleasure to get to finally meet her. It really will pump you up to work that much harder and that is what I have been doing.  Of course knowing that I have a photo shoot around the corner will also help you stay focused.  Gotta look good :)So workouts have been top.

Tuesday was back, shoulders and bi's.
 Today was legs and this is my workout.

100 lunges to warm everything up

squats feet close
single leg press - foot low
hack squats
leg extensions
finished off with some body weight work in a circuit:

box jumps 15 reps

bw squats 20 reps
jump squats could only muster 10 reps
jump lunges 10 reps per leg

So I did these four exercises rested and repeated 3 times.

My legs are starting to feel it as I sit here typing. Love it!!!
I work Friday, Saturday and then long days of work Monday-Wednesday and leave at 7:30am on Thursday.

I am so stoked about going to meet up with everyone. I hope to get some rest along the way this week.

Have a great week.  I hope to be back before my trip to California.

If your in the SFO area you need to come see us on Saturday November 13th at the Marriott Pleasanton.  You will get to hear Michelle Berger aka "Buffmother" speak.  She is awesome and a great inspiration to many woman.

Take care,

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