Monday, September 27, 2010

Massage Monday!

That is what I did today and boy did I need it. He really worked out the kinks in my shoulders and back. I feel much better.

My upper body workout today was hard because of my shoulder causing me to not be able to grip heavy weight. But I did push through it and got it done.

I did make it through the working weekend. It ended yesterday with going out to dinner with my son and my husband for my hubby’s birthday. I was so proud of myself ordering a salad with chicken, no dressing, no chips and a diet coke :) Needed something besides water to drink.

I should be in a buffing mode now but today was I very lacking in the energy department. I hope it is only for today since tomorrow is leg day and I need all the energy I can get.

It finally hit me today that my baby girl now lives 8 hours by plane away from me. I talked to her today and she sounded so great. I just wish now I could hop in my car and go say “hi”. I know she is doing great and starting her newly married life and loving every minute of it.

Tomorrow I get to go workout the ladies in my Forever Fit camp and I love seeing them change and gain strength in their workouts. It makes me feel good to see how much effort they put in. They are all awesome.

Maybe I will check into yoga for Tuesday!

Have a great night.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wednesday and Thursday fun.

So finally weighed after Maui and my weight was right where I thought it would be. (145.8) Seems to be my bodies favorite weight.  I am feeling a bit bloated today so hopefully this is some water weight as well.
Back at the workouts as you can see on Monday and Tuesday.  Giving it everything I have each workout.
I did hill intervals yesterday up to a 10% incline.  That was tough and I was really pushing it.  Love it though when I am done.  A seriously sweaty mess :)

Today was upper body:
push press 55x8x2, 60x8x1, 65x8x1

lat pulldowns close grip 100x9x1, 105x6x3

incline db press 25 x10x3 - can't get up to 30#'s yet - hurts my left shoulder

inverted rows 10x1, 9x1, 7x1
seated cable pullovers 30x12x1, 30x9x2
1 arm db rows 40x8x1, 35x8x1, 30x8x1

I was getting very tired. Finished off my workout with:

straight bar bicep curl on cable machine 35x10x2

tricep dips feet on bench 15x1, 9x1 tried using the ball but I will need to practice this one :)

So today I find myself in a bit of a funky mood. Probably because I dread this weekend. I work Friday 12-7. Saturday 9-6 and Sunday (my dh's birthday) 12-3:30pm - begged to get off early to spend time with my dh.  My hormones tend fluctuate a bit during menopause and hope someday they will just level out.  Don't like being a funk.  Makes it hard to stay on track but I am doing 100%.  Too many things to be fit for :)

I don't enjoy weekend work. :(  But I do like the people I work with, which helps.

Tomorrow will be legs and Saturday hill intervals again.
 I hope you have a fantastic weekend.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Monday and Tuesday workouts

I think I may finally be a little more rested. After getting home on Thursday, working 9 hours on Friday, Saturday party for my daughter and my son’s TCU senior ring ceremony on Sunday. Found out my son has strep throat after hugging on him all day :)  Us moms are made of steel.

I spent all day today running around getting my teeth cleaned and mailing a bunch of flat rate boxes off to my daughter. It is the cheapest way to send anything to Hawaii.

I wanted to workout early but it was not in the cards so I did finally got it done around 5pm tonight. I am never as strong in the afternoon as in the morning :)

Monday's workout:

Lying chest press 30x8x4

Chest press 27.5x10x1, 23.2x11x2

Then I did a triset :

Overhead db flyes 10x15x3, weighted arm circles front and back 8x15x3, face pulls 50x11x3

Lat pulldowns 75x9x3

Straight arm pulldowns 35x8x1, 32.5x9x2

Bicep curls 37.5x10x2

Tricep rope pulldown 37.5x9x2

Eats have been good so far and it feels so much better to get back to clean eating. I am a very emotional eater and this past few days have taken their toll on me. So back at it and ready to buff, buff and buff.

Tuesdays workout:
Split leg squat 30x8x1, 40x10x1, 45x7x2
Romanian deadlift 135 x10x4
Bridge on ball 12x3
Hamstring curl on ball 12x3
Foot on front of ball bridge 12x3
Reverse lunges 35x12x1, 30x15x2
Seated calf raise on leg press 210x15x1 - toes straight, 225x10x1 toes in, 225x12x1 toes out
Decline situps with weight  15x15x2
Ab machine 85x20x2

Had a great day with a girlfriend at the Dallas Arboretum today.  Very pretty with all the flowers and pumpkins.

My goals for the next 8 months:

California in November gotta get buff

England at Christmas

Hopefully a competition this spring

And the best we already booked our villa for St. John, US Virgin Islands for the end of May.

Lots of things to keep me focused.

Have a great night everyone,



Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sad but happy all at the same time.

Today I took my daughter to the airport for her move to Hawaii and won't see her until Dec 27th.  That will be the longest I have ever gone without seeing her.  So my tears were flowing and have been on and off so far this morning.
This afternoon I spend the day with my son as he receives his senior ring from the Chancellor at TCU. "Go Frogs!"
So many happy good times ahead for my kids.  My step-son is getting his drivers license in Nov so stay off the roads in Tyler, TX :) lol
Monday is 8 weeks from our Buffmother Gathering in California and I am so excited to see old friends and meet those who I have only known through our Rally Room.  Michelle Berger aka Buffmother is holding this fantastic weekend for all us to get to workout and play together.
I will post my eats and workouts as I have 8 weeks to my "buffness".  My goals are Christmas in England, hopefully a competition in the Spring and St. John - US Virgin Islands at the end of May.  Followed by Hawaii in July to see my baby girl.  Along with a couple of side trips with darling hubby to San Antonio to hang out and rejuvenate ourselves next summer.
So even though tears have dropped I also have great things in my future.  I am on a journey to help you become the best you can be.  Through my blogs I have tried to show that I am human as well and may detour for a bit but then its back to business.  This is my journey and it will always be a work in progress, join me and lets make a difference - you never know who you may be inspiring.
Have a fantastic Sunday.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Great trip to Maui!!!

My hubby and I are already set to go back :)
We love hanging out on the beaches of Maui and just relaxing.
So now I am back at the workouts again.  We just got home today around 7am and so I spent most of the day napping, unpacking and grocery shopping.
I am ready to get my eats back under control.
 We did manage to do a 2 mile run followed by a 2 mile walk, 20 jump squats x3, 20 walking lunges x3, 20 pushups x3, and 20 tricep dips x3 for 4 of the 6 days.
I felt better for doing some type of workout most of the days.
It is amazing how much different you feel when you are not completely on track.  We have decided that next year we are really going to focus on eating even better than this year.  I did eat some wonderful fish called Poke, grilled out shish kebabs several nights and had some other wonderful foods while away.  Not a complete pig out.  I don't really want to see the scale tomorrow :(  I am sure we might see a bit of an increase.  I have also worked hard on drinking my water today.  Flying always makes me so dehydrated.
My daughter is moving on Sunday morning to Oahu so this day will be a tough one for me.  On the other end my son receives his senior ring from the Chancellor of TCU also on Sunday.  So lots going on.  Well I am off to talk to my Buffmother friends and then hit the bed for some much needed rest.
I hope you have been enjoying the start of September.
See you soon,

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Time flyes so quickly.

How is your holiday weekend going?

I had the pleasure of having all my kids over at the house today. I am enjoying every minute of the time with them. Today we went to the waterpark for a bit and then hung out together.

Workouts and eats have been great. I will leave on Wednesday for Maui, so really have been pushing the workouts and perfect eats.

Have you set any mini goals for yourself to keep you focused?

My hubby and I already have scheduled time each day to workout while on vacation. It is fun to have some of the same goals.

My next goal is November for my Buffmother gathering near San Francisco. I can't wait to hang out with all my fitness friends. It will be a great trip and who can't help but love San Francisco.

I am taking measurements on Tuesday to see if any changes in the last couple of weeks of intense working out and clean eating. I will post results soon.

Have a safe and Happy Labor Day weekend.