Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Monday and Tuesday workouts

I think I may finally be a little more rested. After getting home on Thursday, working 9 hours on Friday, Saturday party for my daughter and my son’s TCU senior ring ceremony on Sunday. Found out my son has strep throat after hugging on him all day :)  Us moms are made of steel.

I spent all day today running around getting my teeth cleaned and mailing a bunch of flat rate boxes off to my daughter. It is the cheapest way to send anything to Hawaii.

I wanted to workout early but it was not in the cards so I did finally got it done around 5pm tonight. I am never as strong in the afternoon as in the morning :)

Monday's workout:

Lying chest press 30x8x4

Chest press 27.5x10x1, 23.2x11x2

Then I did a triset :

Overhead db flyes 10x15x3, weighted arm circles front and back 8x15x3, face pulls 50x11x3

Lat pulldowns 75x9x3

Straight arm pulldowns 35x8x1, 32.5x9x2

Bicep curls 37.5x10x2

Tricep rope pulldown 37.5x9x2

Eats have been good so far and it feels so much better to get back to clean eating. I am a very emotional eater and this past few days have taken their toll on me. So back at it and ready to buff, buff and buff.

Tuesdays workout:
Split leg squat 30x8x1, 40x10x1, 45x7x2
Romanian deadlift 135 x10x4
Bridge on ball 12x3
Hamstring curl on ball 12x3
Foot on front of ball bridge 12x3
Reverse lunges 35x12x1, 30x15x2
Seated calf raise on leg press 210x15x1 - toes straight, 225x10x1 toes in, 225x12x1 toes out
Decline situps with weight  15x15x2
Ab machine 85x20x2

Had a great day with a girlfriend at the Dallas Arboretum today.  Very pretty with all the flowers and pumpkins.

My goals for the next 8 months:

California in November gotta get buff

England at Christmas

Hopefully a competition this spring

And the best we already booked our villa for St. John, US Virgin Islands for the end of May.

Lots of things to keep me focused.

Have a great night everyone,



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