Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Whirlwind weekend but loved every minute of it.

What a great weekend in San Francisco.

I had a blast I got to meet new friends and see of the others I had met before. It was a whirlwind but worth every minute. I left on Thursday morning early and arrived in San Francisco, I then took the BART to get to Pleasanton where I hooked up with Kathy and we got the shuttle to the hotel. I thought the driver might get in a fight with a lady that wanted him to let her in and he wouldn’t budge. Finally our driver decided to let her in and not have a wreck. We were happy!!! I got checked into the hotel and soon after went to the mall across the street to get my makeup done by the MAC counter. It turned out really nice. I then proceeded back to the hotel and started getting ready for my photo shoot. Poor Emily our photographer had been sick the night before but she was trooper. I loved doing this photo shoot and already excited about doing another. I can’t wait to get the pictures.

That night we went and had dinner and played Bocce ball. That was a lot of fun. My hubby said they play something similar like this in England. Friday morning we all went to the gym together and had some great tips from Michelle to help us activate our muscles better. That afternoon we went wine tasting and that was so much fun. I learned a lot about wine. We then went to PF Chang’s for dinner and a great night of dancing. I told my hubby we to go dancing more often. Saturday I went hiking with my Buffmothers and I have found a new love I think.  It was tough but fun.  That afternoon was the seminar and  we met some really nice ladies. That night was a nice dinner at Outback and we all got together and looked at all the pictures we had taken. Sunday, Julie and her hubby were so nice they took me to the Wente Vinyards and then to the airport. I was tired and actually slept on the plane – a first for me.

Monday I was at work bright and early at 10:00am – 6:00pm – No workout too tired.

So Tuesday I had to get up early and get a workout in that I got on an email from Oxygen.

DB lunges x10

DB squats x10

pushups x 10

Bentover db rows x10

Front presses standing - db x10

tricep dips x10

db bicep curls x10

jump squats x20

I repeated this 4 times in 30 minutes. Really was very effective.

We had a dance team from the local high school come in last night and I gave a quick overview of my story and had a lady approach me after the evening to talk more to him.

Today was my day off and took my mom out shopping and bought a pair of shoes and some boots.

I got a leg workout in after my shopping which was:

Walking lunges

smith squats

leg press

stiff legged deadlifts

lying leg curls

leg extensions

glute kickback on leg extension

calves on the leg press

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