Tuesday, August 24, 2010

School is back in session.

I don't have kids in school but my life was so busy this summer I felt like I did.
So I came across this the other day "Live your life with no regrets". I love it. I will be saying this everyday. Are you living your life this way.
To many times people focus on the negative or what we don't have in our lives. This can cause you to miss so many wonderful things that are in your life.
So today I say focus on the positive. Stay away from the negative and "Live your life with no regrets".

This week workouts look like this:

Monday - legs
Smith machine lunges- box jumps in between each set
Seated hamstring curls - 100 rep jump rope in between each set
Wide stance squats
Straight leg deadlifts on the Freemotion machine
Single leg press foot high on the platform
I followed this with 20 min on the elliptical

Tuesday - today back and bi's
Lat pulldowns, underhand, close and wide grips
Close grip row
DB pullover
Rear delt machine
EZ bar curls
Concentration curls
Hammer curls seated
Rope crunches
Crunches on the ball with 10#plate behind my head
Med ball twists with 10#
Then after some running errands with my daughter. I came home and did 20 min on the stair stepper.
Great start to the week. Enjoying a bit cooler temps in Texas. It will finally get below the 100's.

This week lets live our lives with greatness. Focus on all the great things in your life.
Rock it at the gym this week. I am watching :)


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