Sunday, August 8, 2010

New week ahead

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend.
So I am ready to rock it hard this week and "bring it".

My plan of action this week:
Mon - legs with 20 min steady state cardio, abs
Tue - Back, shoulders, bi's and HIIT
Wed - Chest, tri's and HIIT
Thur - Legs, abs
Fri - Back, shoulders and bi's, HIIT
Sat - some active rest/intervals and abs

I have been doing my VO2 test on my IPhone called the Bleep test and love it. It really works you hard and helps increase your VO2. We are aiming for 5 proteins/2-3carbs/3 fats and greens each day along with my 200 oz of water.

Have a relaxing Sunday night. Set out your plan of action tonight and get ready to rock it with me. I will help hold you accountable.


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