Tuesday, July 6, 2010

50 and fabulous!!!

Had a fantastic birthday celebrations and now ready to get back on plan.
Sent my son off to Leadership training for the Army on my birthday. He will be gone for 29 days and no phone contact. I will be writing him lots of letters so he can at least have some mail during mail call each day.

Off to workout with my daughter this morning. I will post later what we did for a workout. I am thinking about some upper/lower body block style workout. Today we did upper and lower body circuit. I wanted to give my daughter a workout she could do on her own. Tomorrow will be shoulders and back workout followed by 20 min HIIT cardio.

I have a new found energy to work towards my goal of a figure competiton in the spring 2011. I will be posting all the ups and downs during this journey. I love the feeling of being fit at 50.
I am reaching for the moon!!! Have a great day.

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