Sunday, September 5, 2010

Time flyes so quickly.

How is your holiday weekend going?

I had the pleasure of having all my kids over at the house today. I am enjoying every minute of the time with them. Today we went to the waterpark for a bit and then hung out together.

Workouts and eats have been great. I will leave on Wednesday for Maui, so really have been pushing the workouts and perfect eats.

Have you set any mini goals for yourself to keep you focused?

My hubby and I already have scheduled time each day to workout while on vacation. It is fun to have some of the same goals.

My next goal is November for my Buffmother gathering near San Francisco. I can't wait to hang out with all my fitness friends. It will be a great trip and who can't help but love San Francisco.

I am taking measurements on Tuesday to see if any changes in the last couple of weeks of intense working out and clean eating. I will post results soon.

Have a safe and Happy Labor Day weekend.


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