Sunday, July 11, 2010

World Cup Sunday!!

Today is the World Cup Final and I will be taking my hubby to the pub to watch the game.

I have found a new app on my Iphone compliments of my husband called The Bleep test. It is quite fun. It is a VO2 max test. You do levels of shuttle runs and it is addicting. I have done it the past two days trying to improve my level each time.

I have realized that my focus can be a bit off unless I have a goal in front of me, so when I decided to delay a competition until next spring my focus lost its way. Now I have set some mini goals to help me stay on track. I can be very dedicated but can also lose my way. I am blessed to have a group of ladies in the Buffmother Rally Room to help me along my journey.

No workout today just my shuttle run test. Tomorrow I will hit legs hard and heavy with some ab work.

My plan this week is:
Tue -Shoulder, back, bi's

Wed- Intervals
Thurs-Chest, tri's

We are off to San Antonio next weekend for a mini vacation for three days. Have a great Sunday.

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