Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wednesday and Thursday fun.

So finally weighed after Maui and my weight was right where I thought it would be. (145.8) Seems to be my bodies favorite weight.  I am feeling a bit bloated today so hopefully this is some water weight as well.
Back at the workouts as you can see on Monday and Tuesday.  Giving it everything I have each workout.
I did hill intervals yesterday up to a 10% incline.  That was tough and I was really pushing it.  Love it though when I am done.  A seriously sweaty mess :)

Today was upper body:
push press 55x8x2, 60x8x1, 65x8x1

lat pulldowns close grip 100x9x1, 105x6x3

incline db press 25 x10x3 - can't get up to 30#'s yet - hurts my left shoulder

inverted rows 10x1, 9x1, 7x1
seated cable pullovers 30x12x1, 30x9x2
1 arm db rows 40x8x1, 35x8x1, 30x8x1

I was getting very tired. Finished off my workout with:

straight bar bicep curl on cable machine 35x10x2

tricep dips feet on bench 15x1, 9x1 tried using the ball but I will need to practice this one :)

So today I find myself in a bit of a funky mood. Probably because I dread this weekend. I work Friday 12-7. Saturday 9-6 and Sunday (my dh's birthday) 12-3:30pm - begged to get off early to spend time with my dh.  My hormones tend fluctuate a bit during menopause and hope someday they will just level out.  Don't like being a funk.  Makes it hard to stay on track but I am doing 100%.  Too many things to be fit for :)

I don't enjoy weekend work. :(  But I do like the people I work with, which helps.

Tomorrow will be legs and Saturday hill intervals again.
 I hope you have a fantastic weekend.


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