Thursday, September 16, 2010

Great trip to Maui!!!

My hubby and I are already set to go back :)
We love hanging out on the beaches of Maui and just relaxing.
So now I am back at the workouts again.  We just got home today around 7am and so I spent most of the day napping, unpacking and grocery shopping.
I am ready to get my eats back under control.
 We did manage to do a 2 mile run followed by a 2 mile walk, 20 jump squats x3, 20 walking lunges x3, 20 pushups x3, and 20 tricep dips x3 for 4 of the 6 days.
I felt better for doing some type of workout most of the days.
It is amazing how much different you feel when you are not completely on track.  We have decided that next year we are really going to focus on eating even better than this year.  I did eat some wonderful fish called Poke, grilled out shish kebabs several nights and had some other wonderful foods while away.  Not a complete pig out.  I don't really want to see the scale tomorrow :(  I am sure we might see a bit of an increase.  I have also worked hard on drinking my water today.  Flying always makes me so dehydrated.
My daughter is moving on Sunday morning to Oahu so this day will be a tough one for me.  On the other end my son receives his senior ring from the Chancellor of TCU also on Sunday.  So lots going on.  Well I am off to talk to my Buffmother friends and then hit the bed for some much needed rest.
I hope you have been enjoying the start of September.
See you soon,

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