Monday, July 26, 2010

Mom's surgery went well.

My mom did awesome on her shoulder replacement surgery and is resting comfortably at the hospital.
No workout today but will be doing legs tomorrow.

Did you do your workout today?
I find that sometimes in the summer it is easy just to skip your workout but you must always make time for yourself. It is so important to stay fit and healthy so that you don't have health troubles. It was amazing at the hospital all the unfit people and of course they were there for surgery on various joints. I don't want this to happen unnecessarily. So I am committed on getting my workouts in - 5 days a week lifting and 3 days a week cardio.

Great workouts this past week complete and finished on Sunday with my husband doing a new 6 weeks to 100 push ups app and a Bleep test app - this helps increase your VO2 max.
I will be back in a day or two to post workouts and how my eats are going.

My first goal is to look lean and cut for Maui in September.
Gotta rock the workouts and clean up the diet.

Have a great Monday.


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