Friday, August 27, 2010

Fantastic Friday!!!!

How are you on this beautiful Friday?

This week has been great.
Wed - chest and tri's
Thur - shoulders
Fri - legs
Sat - some Hill cardio
Sun - off

This is my week already planned out. I am feeling might fine this week. Hormones seem to be getting in check and I am counting down the days til Maui. Needless to say my eating is super clean and workouts on target. Got to be looking like a hottie on the beach :)

Have you been keeping your thoughts and actions positive. I know I have and it really has helped me be happier.

I stayed home on Wednesday all day and just did things around the house and boy was that an amazing feeling. I tend to be on the go all the time and this was really a nice change for me.

What are your goals for the upcoming week. Only a week til another holiday is upon us. Labor Day Sept 6th. What are you doing? Cooking out, last time out on the boat or just relaxing and chilling at home. I will be helping my daughter have a garage sale and then begin packing for my holiday.

Lets work hard this coming week. Set your plan of action and prepare enough food this weekend to last all week. It will be so much easier and you will feel less likely to cheat.

Remember BLT's count (bites, licks and tastes)!!!

Have a great weekend.


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