Monday, December 6, 2010

It will be Christmas before you know it!!!!

Are you back on track after Thanksgiving?

I know that I am working it hard for all week and trying to kick it up a couple of notches before Christmas.
This is a tough time of year for everyone.  This is when we must focus, focus and focus.
Lets do it together.  Lets not be a casualty of winter weight gain.  Lets be a lean, mean fighting machines.

I have not run more than 10 miles at a time since last April and because of all my hard work in the gym I was able to go and run a sub 2 hour half marathon in Dallas yesterday.  It was a great time with my girlfriends!
I was tired when I finished but it felt good to know that I could push myself.  Of course then I did have a wonderful cheat meal with my hubby when I got home.

Today I was back on track.
It was chest and tricep day.  Chest press, push ups, dips, v grip pushdown, skull crushers and some good abs thrown in.  I think I had enough cardio yesterday so today I skipped it.

What are you doing for your workouts?  Every week I know exactly what my workouts will be and prepare my food for the week so that I don't lose sight of my goals.  You must make a plan and stick to it like glue to get the results you want.

Lets have a great week and work it hard so that we can enjoy the holiday.


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