Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How is your new year going???

Have you been getting your workouts in?  How is your nutrition going?

 I am not going to call it a diet because to me that is a 4 letter word :)  It is something I deal with everyday and even ever hour of each day.
Some days are just perfect and then other days they are not so good.
I can get really crazy measuring and weighing my food only to find me getting stressed over what I am supposed to eat and how much each day.  It can make me not such a fun person to be around.

I have had some stress with taking care of my husband since his ACL replacement surgery last week.  He is so strong and tough and it is hard to keep him from doing to much to quick.
When I get stressed I can have blt's (bite, licks and tastes) and these can add up rather quickly.
So again, I start each day fresh and hope that this day is maybe just a bit cleaner than the day before.  I will however allow myself some of my favorite things in life.  I am 50 years old and I am going to enjoy my life.

So this week has been great workouts. My intensity is way high and I am pushing myself a little further each workout.
Monday was leg day, Tuesday was back and bi's, Wednesday is kickboxing, Thursday is shoulders, chest and tri's and to finish off my week I will do a spinning class either Friday or Saturday. It is a wonderful week and I will enjoy each minute of everyday.

Stay strong, healthy and happy this week.

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  1. Go get em Teresa!! I do the same thing when stressed...I like that term....blt's and yes they do add up : (
    Hope your 2011 is filled with successes!!